Detail: Iowa State University Day Care Center installation

Detail: Iowa State University Day Care Center installation

Sticks, Inc. owners Sarah Grant-Hutchison and Jim Lueders began their business in the late 1980s, creating nativity sets and small art pieces for a handful of galleries. With its vibrant designs and excellent craftsmanship, Sticks grew and now employs a crew of more than 70 artisans and sells work at galleries throughout the US. Their business also includes custom installation work that expands their playful aesthetic and vivid palette through large interior spaces.

About the artwork:
Sticks makes furniture and sculptures from birch and poplar, often incorporating natually aged and dried driftwood that's been found along riverbanks. Each piece is made by a team of artisans who use a woodburning technique from the thirties to etch the wood and then paint it using a broad range of vibrant colors. This sculpture is part of an installation at the Iowa State University Day Care Center in Ames. Sticks worked with the ISU Architectural department, Child Development, Landscaping, and ISU Administration on the design to create a visually rich, stimulating environment to delight both the children and the adults who care for them.

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