An Unusual Destiny

An Unusual Destiny, etching

Larry Welo has been creating etchings since the early 1970's. A graduate of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, Welo operated a studio in Minneapolis until moving to Wisconsin, where he currently lives with his family.

A popular Midwestern artist, Larry Welo's etchings cover a broad range of topics. Scenes from small Midwestern towns, spirited cats, images of baseball diamonds or bicyclists, colorful zany portraits titled An Appetite for Art -- all of these subjects are fertile territory for Welo's wit and skill as a printmaker. When viewing his work, always notice the title; his witty perceptions about the world set him apart from many other artists. Welo executes his work in both black and white and in color, with the occasional addition of monoprint or chine colle.

His prints on baseball themes are included in the Sports Art Archives at the Butler Institute of Art and in the National Baseball Hall of Fame, as well as corporate, private and university collections in the Midwest. His works have also been featured on several covers of the North American Review.

"My etching have always been inspired by various aspects of my life; they are, in a sense, self portraits. My imagery is often rooted in the natural world. I create my etchings entirely in the studio; I find my information in sketches I have drawn, written notations and most importantly, my imagination. My images are not intended to be duplications of the world, but instead interpretations of it. It is important to me that the creative process be a voyage of discovery, always looking in new directions and following new avenues."

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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