woven baskets

woven baskets

A native of southern Ohio, Earlene lives in Iowa City and is a founding member of the Iowa Artisans Gallery.

Earlene believes that the things with which we surround ourselves should be beautiful and feel good to use. "I see my baskets as containers for objects, and I want them to be sturdy and functional."

Each of Earlene's baskets is unique. "I make up my own basketry styles while using traditonal basketweaving techniques." Of primary concern is that the basket can withstand its intended function. She points out that so many commercial baskets sold today use design elements that don't hold up. For example: a handle that is not anchored in the structure of the basket and consequently falls off under pressure.

Earlene's baskets are easily cared for by dusting with a soft paintbrush. Because these baskets are made from natural reed fibers, they also benefit greatly by being placed in a humid environment two or three times a year (bathroom, or other room with a humidifier). Only tea is used to stain the brown baskets, making them safe for contact with food. Earlene uses no oils during the finishing process.

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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