wood-fired ceramic pitcher and cups

wood-fired ceramic pitcher and cups

Hallie currently resides in New Albin, Iowa.

After graduating from Luther College in the late 1990s, Nate and Hallie spent two years as apprentices at the W.M. Hewitt Pottery in Pittsboro, North Carolina. There they participated in all aspects of a working pottery, including the more unusual approach of preparing their own clay and glazes. While most potters purchase their supplies from clay supply houses, Nate and Hallie still try to use as many indigenous clay and glaze materials as possible. "Using these local clays and rocks enables us to create pots that could not be duplicated even by us, in another location," they explain. Their current studio is nestled in a deep valley near New Albin, in extreme northeastern Iowa. The firing of their large, tube-shaped kiln to a temperature of about 2400 degrees takes place over four days, fueled by oak and ash slab wood (a sawmill waste product).

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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