salt-fired vases

A resident of the Quad Cities, Marilyn is one of  tile original founders of Iowa Artisans Gallery. Her studies in art and art history have taken her to Hunter College in New York City, Denmark, Montana and the University of Iowa. Marilyn has participated in numerous shows in Iowa and Illinois.

Ceramist Marilyn Davis uses animal, plant and abstract imagery to create intricate patterns that move the viewer's eye around the work. By inlaying thin slabs of porcelain clays, she creates a sense of overlapping, where one pattern begins to encroach upon another.

Tile millefiore technique of rolling layers of multi-colored clays and slicing cross sections adds to the richness of color and design she strives for. The work is salt fired at Cone 8, approximately 2500F. The salt vapors react with the multi-colored raw clays, achieving an orange-peel texture on the unglazed outer surfaces.

text and image from Iowa Artisans Gallery

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on August 22, 2005

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