July Fourth Tulips

July Fourth Tulips, acrylic on board, 2004

David currently resides in Fairfield, Iowa. For more of his works, he can be contacted at martige@iowatelecom.net.

"What interests me is the intensity that isolated objects assume when approached as subjects for drawing or painting. There is nothing still about the life of a vase of flowers on a table. Perhaps this is why there are so many awkward angles, vivid colors, and unstable perspectives in my paintings—a coffee cup just won't sit still. Simplicity of form, line color-yet with an infusion of life. If I can make the viewer see the familiar in a new way, then I'm happy. Particularly if it gives them a new sense of life, some new sense of intensity that is joyful. I like working in acrylic because it demands that you paint quickiy. You have to be alert because it dries so fast. But this also allows for almost instant repainting and layering."

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