Stump, wood, stone, copper, 2002

"Sculpting is telling a story as it relates to the space in which we live. Not all spaces are created equal. Some sculptures are meant for a holy place; a window or entry into a home, a garden, a library or music room, or perhaps quite literally a holy place of mediation or a chapel. Other pieces find a less sublime spot in the world. Your desk, for example, needs a caution against excessive worry, or your bathroom, between the mirror and the scales, a reminder to laugh each day. All of these are the things, which make us successful and beautiful. If I do not retain a sense of playfulness, my reward is bitterness, frustration, and defeat, but if I recognize my smallness up front, the humbling, imperfect business is not a curse but a strong sense of my place in this world. a place of peace and laughter. I hope that my work serves as a reminder of these ideals: truth, humility, and vulnerability through playfulness-that is, simplicity."

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on May 06, 2005

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