Scarlet Fold Fan

Scarlet Fold Fan, Sculpture, 1993

As an artist with a deeply rooted respect for both the Eastern and Western traditions of Craft, I find "use" to be a very important aspect in most of my work. Whether I am creating a functional object, a sculptural object not intended to function in a traditional sense, a piece of jewelry for everyday use, or a site specific piece, my intention is for the work to engage the viewer, not just visually, buy physically. I favor working directly with my hands, or with hand tools. !t is natural for my hand-on working methods to translate into a tactile experience for the viewer, or participant.

A frequent trend in my jewelry work is the tendency towards miniature site specificity, or as I like to refer to it: body specific. A body specific piece (or sculptural wearable piece) does not typically come with a pedestal, as a small-scale sculpture typically does. Instead a body specific piece interacts with the human form.

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