Woman, Sculpture, 1992

Noveshen is a stone carver, who has been drawing and practicing several forms of art all of his life. At age 27 he discovered the art form of sculpture, he stumbled upon his new love interest accidentally. He was standing beside a stone that I thought resembled a cat. Turning to his human counterpart he says," That looks like a cat." So then he carried it home and carved it with a flat head screw driver and a claw hammer. As he recalls, there is a good chance that it looked more like a cat before he got his hands on it, but in any case he learned a lot about his relationship with stone.

Ed studied off and on at universities, but learned the majority of what he knows through talking to other artists and experiencing things for himself. "I enjoy the process of stone carving, that's why I do it. The whole process relaxes and soothes me." Carving without any apprehension of a finished product, he focuses on the sound the stone makes, through this communication he is guided by the sounds and instructed on what to do. This process often results in a shape or form that sometimes makes sense but most often does not. Regardless, the hope is that people enjoy the art and use it to bring warmth and meaning to their lives.

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