From February 27 to ťApril 23, 2005 the International Collage Research and
Production Team has set up a temporary laboratory at Arts Iowa City. Located at 129 E. Washington Street [on the lower level of the historic Jefferson Building], the laboratory is the site of creative research and production by the team and the visiting public.

In a press release they write: "As part of their artists' residency the team invites the public to participate with and observe the Midwest Regional research and production unit on Fridays and Saturdays from 12-4 pm until April 23.

The International Collage Research and Production Team is a small group of individuals (originally based in Basel, Switzerland but now scattered around the globe) who are devoted to inquiry into collage as art form, cultural phenomenon, and modern lifestyle.

Their cross-disciplinary mission is to produce collage objects, activities and situations while studying the cultural impact of objects in society.  Like superheroes, each  artist/researcher in the group draws upon specific skills that help the team conduct its research. Areas of study include clothing collage, mental collage, sound collage, video/film collage, software collage, collaborative collage, traditional collage, collage preservation, collage dissemination, urban and rural collage tactics, non-adhesive collage, and modular collage. The exhibition includes installations, performances, sound, video, sculpture and works on paper.

The International Collage Team will begin a parade in the pedestrian mall at 6 pm, Friday April 22nd.  The parade will filter around the downtown area from 6 until 7pm with various factions of the team arriving from other locations.  Following the parade, a closing reception will convene in the Arts Iowa City gallery, Jefferson Building Basement from 7 pm until 9 pm."

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