Unseen Path

Unseen Path, ceramic and wood, 34" x 24", 2004

Elena Yeo has earned her B.F.A. from New Mexico State University, New Mexico and her M.F.A. from the University of Iowa in 2000. She is currently teaching at a community college in Arizona.

"The human form is always the foundation of my art. I use the human figure as a symbol because it can direct or evoke individual and shared human experience. In many of my prints, I integrate Chinese pictographs with human forms. The Chinese characters that I choose are based on Tao and Buddhism philosophies that favor universal compassion, individualism, freedom, modern familial roles and personal happiness. In my work, the marriage of handmade papers, ancient Chinese pictographs and human figures nestled in the womb of a circle reflects my understanding and acceptance of the inevitable, harmonious and continuous nature of life. My life is a circle, a concept as well as a process."

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