Brooch, 3x3x1

"We are living in a world that is changing at an extremely fast pace. We are witnessing great developments ar changes in science, economy, social structures and many other fields. However, regardless of these develop and changes, I believe basic human emotions remain the same. I use my work to express my fascination with the psychological nature of time and how perceive it. I try to express in my pieces that beauty and youthfulness will eventually become yesterday's news. We live in a society that overly glorifies beauty and youthfulness. In the brooch (see image of baby brooch), I integrate the ABS plastic (made from a 3-D printer) gold, silver, brass and aluminum by using the same lazertran paper transfer technique that I use in the "Egon Schiele" necklace. I want to point out in this piece that the love for food and sex is just part of the nature; but 1 human beings there are some things more important beyond those natural instincts."

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on April 17, 2005

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