Enmeshed, photograph, 10 x 8 in.

Almost from the moment I first picked up a camera, I have been utilizing self-portraiture as my favorite means of expression.  As a one-time theater student, I was trained to use my physicality to express myself emotionally.

In effect, I photograph “the outside of the inside of me.”  Naked, inside and out.  I recently found it necessary to expand my process to include one additional figure.  I tend to shoot on impulsive inspiration and I began to find it impossible to express everything in my head with only my own form with which to work.  However, regardless of whose form I am utilizing, my preference is not to show faces or, when including them is unavoidable, to blur them or show only the profile.  My intent is to allow the viewer the opportunity to inhabit the prints.  To place themselves inside of them.  To find or learn something about themselves that might otherwise not have occurred to them.  Just as I learn something new about myself with every picture I make.

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on April 16, 2005

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