Superior Morning

Superior Morning, photograph, 2004

Photography has been one of my main interests in life, it began as a high school hobby and transformed into an important job skill during my newspaper career. After leaving journalism and taking art classes, I began concentrating on landscape photography. I currently work for The University of Iowa as a Program Assistant.

Waiting for a sunrise with only the dew and a few chirping birds for company or following a sunset in a wilderness area is a very precious experience. For me these quiet places are a respite from the chaotic pace of life, which seems to leave us all wondering whether we are coming or going.

I didn't feel this way when I began landscape photography. The landscape was simply something to shoot. But that changed as my appreciation for these quiet places grew. It also changed my approach to photography I began looking for places that were quiet rather than just pretty. My enjoyment comes when I'm successful in communicating the quiet of a particular location in a photograph.

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