Autumn Leaves #2

Autumn Leaves #2, mixed media

"I attended the Harrow Art School taking an evening course in basic painting and drawing for many years. When we arrived in Iowa City I was able to continue my training at the University of Iowa Art Department on a part time basis. Eventually I felt confident enough to work on my own in a studio in the basement of our house. A great influence in Iowa has been the feeling of space, the clear skies and sun and atmosphere of encouragement to explore and develop new ideas."

"My work is mainly abstract with color defining the space and form. The inspiration comes from places, landscapes I have seen and many different influences in my life, which include people, conversations etc. Color to me is very important and a great stimulus in what I paint.
I use charcoal on large paper to help free my thinking and working. My career in England was Occupational Therapy, always with a particular interest in art and painting."

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on April 10, 2005

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