Presentations House, from the series: "Women's Bathrooms"

Presentations House, from the series: "Women's Bathrooms", photograph, 2004

Margaret Stratton's work in photography and video has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.  She has taught photography and digital imaging at the University of Iowa since 1986.

"I make photographs all the time.  For me photography is a lifestyle.  When I am on the road I always have my camera, and like all travelers, I am careful with my equipment.  I usually have to go to the bathroom, and taking my camera with me is a safety precaution.  I have found that bathrooms, at least women's bathrooms, are very lively, sometimes vibrant places, and are among the most interesting spaces I have visited in my far-flung travels.  I am happy to say that multi-tasking comes naturally, and that cultural investigation is ubiquitious, thus this ongoing series of images.  Basically, if you are an image-maker you are always discovering pictures where ever you find yourself"

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