Zeus Pitches the Sun Into Place

Zeus Pitches the Sun Into Place, ink monoprint, 11 x 15, 2002

Lila received her Masters Degree in Art Education from the University of Iowa. She currently resides in Victor, Iowa.

About her work, Lila writes, "My work is apolitical: I offer the images and the viewer makes the story. I feel that what I have to give the world of art is energy and spontaneity. If the work allows, I also work a bit of whimsy into paintings or collages. I consider myself a designer, whether pouring inks, brushing color or making collages. I combine disparate found images with prepared and oriental papers and, sometimes, words from ads. My favorite reappearing guy is my bungee jumper and Zeus, who pitches the sun into place. I'll try anything. I am convinced that nothing is wasted, not even failure. Because I taught for many years, I was inhibited by students who were product-oriented. Now, I'm retired, so stand back."

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