Shadow Pot 2

Shadow Pot 2, ceramic sculpture, 5.5" x 9", 2003

Designers operate as cultural intermediaries; the nature of visual communication straddles traditional artistic and commercial media and resides in a space connecting production and consumption. My work lives in the place between art and design, informed by both and residing in neither  - alternately stepping further into one sphere and then the other, but always returning to the gray area between the two. This is a place that mimics the contemporary human condition in its combination of gradation and blurs. I am more interested in the concept than the object; embracing a commitment to a set of ideas, a working process, and an outlook on the world that transcends the final artifact, the product, the saleable item. Whether writing, working in professional practice or making art, my work is unified because I am consistently informed by this conception of my creative process

This body of work deals with reproduction and multiplicity. The process of slip casting makes it possible to produce numerous identical objects. Using the same process that industry uses for mass-market production allows me to reference both art and commercial goods. The work in this series to operates as combination of two and three-dimensional porcelain collages and challenges the viewer to consider ideas of artistic choice, repetition, authenticity and juxtaposition.

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