Iconic Medallion

Iconic Medallion, mixed media

I first began taking photo booth pictures in 1993 at the urging of a fellow student and good friend. I value the photo booth because of its history, the sense of nostalgia inherent in the finished product, and the wonderful tension I experience from simultaneously being in a very private, yet obviously public space. Somewhat related to the photo booth strips, yet conceptually independent in their intent and process, is another body of work I call "Icons."

This work arose from a period of personal crisis and deep depression that lasted nearly three years. The images of me were initially made using the photo booth and Polaroid, which were then used as a template for healing the inherent expressions of anger, longing, loneliness, and passion. My mentality in creating these images is one where if the exterior world could not accept or recognize the complexities which I know to exist within me, then I can attempt to release the inward sorrow by doing the only thing I can do as a artist - I must create a space for myself in which I can once again be a whole person. It is paramount that this space be a sacred realm, as I believe myself to be deeply spiritual. Many of these images are influenced by my Catholic upbringing. As an adult, however, I have rejected much of the Catholic dogma, thus numerous images also contain symbols outside that tradition."

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on March 27, 2005

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