Balloons, Installation, 2003

Vanessa Partridge is completing her undergraduate studies this summer with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. Next year she will be living in Wuhan, China teaching college English courses.

"This project was created by filling my third story attic apartment with 1600 blue balloons. My Intermedia classmates crawled through the space and then, when given the cue, used safety pins to pop all of the balloons.

I was intrigued that my audience would not know their surrounding and see and feel the beautiful balloons through natural light. But that was all I knew.

The audience’s reaction created new dimension and completed the installation. They became childlike, giggling, and interacted with each other on a playful level. Bystanders stood outside the apartment as the balloons were aggressively popped and remarked that it sounded like a large popcorn machine."

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on March 22, 2005

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