The Globe

The Globe, sculpture with red carpet and theatrical lighting, 69"h x 54"w x 7.5"d, 2004

Jon Winet is Associate Professor and Area Head of Intermedia in the School of Art & Art History at The University of Iowa. He also directs "The Daily Palette" and wishes to thank all the participating artists in-and visitors to- the project, as well as the production staff without whose tireless efforts the Daily Palette would not be possible.

Over the past twenty years, Jon Winet has worked with Margaret Crane to produce hybrid intermedia work that revolves around the language and images of the information age, focusing on the psycho-social dynamics of contemporary urban life.

"The Globe" is from "2004-America & The Globe," a collaborative multimedia project commissioned by DiverseWorks in Houston, Texas. The project focused on the U.S. presidential elections and democratic practice in the nation.

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on March 11, 2005

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