Pioneer Spirit

Pioneer Spirit, installation, 10'h x 49'w x 46'd, 2004

Shaw Skabelund graduated in 1987 with a BFA in Drawing from Utah State University. From there, Shawn traveled to the University of Iowa where he earned an MA (1989) and an MFA (1990). He currently teaches Figure Drawing and Installation art in the School of Art at Northern Arizona University.

About his work, Shawn writes, "My installations, which juxtapose the present and the past, the living and the dead, the natural and the artificial, reflect my desire to create art that gives viewers time and space to think about the local communities, economies and ecosystems they inhabit. My hope is that my art will initiate questions about issues as varied as responsibility, compassion, preservation, conservation and diversity. To prepare for each piece, I research the history of the place where it is to be displayed to learn how the interaction between the wild and the human has determined the direction and cultural makeup of the local community. This research, what I call "collaborating with a place," helps me understand what I want to say in my work and what I want to share with my audience."

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on March 09, 2005

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