Trammel Box (Vest)

Trammel Box (Vest), cloth, thread, twine, pin, nails, tar over metal form, 3.75"h x 2.5"w x 1"d, 2005

Mary Snyder Behrens was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As an undergraduate, she studied at Mount Mary College (Milwaukee), and in Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In 1982 she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting and drawing from the University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee. Since 1990, she has resided in northeastern Iowa, where she lives on a farm with her husband (graphic designer Roy R. Behrens), and a surfeit of curious creatures, both wild and tame.

About her work, Mary writes, "Drawing. Arranging. Making. My materials and methods have changed over the 25 years since art school, over the 47 years of my lifetime. I have no great allegiance to any particular style, method or material. These change and evolve. What has remained constant is my fidelity to certain shapes and patterns and certain formal sensibilities that are employed in the arranging of these to form a dialogue within the parameters of the page. Many of my visual emblems are metaphors of memory, both wonderful and the horrible. They are inextricably tangled up with the experiences of my waking life and become for me, the larger universal paradigm within which we all struggle to coexist."

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on March 08, 2005

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