Liberty is Glass

Liberty is Glass, digital collage, 24"x37"

His inventive use of charcoal drawing, prints, collages, and stop-animation have inspired me to use my BFA emphasis in drawing to explore the variety and originality that Kentridge has achieved ... I tackle a variety of subject matters ranging from emotion driven abstraction, to hyper-surrealism.  My art critically analyzes current events and often attempts to blend the past and present. I combine age-old methods with modern technology to provide a timeless and timely atmosphere for my audience.

About his work, Aaron writes:
" I create art that responds to injustices and applies my experiences to the many opportunities and problems I see facing our world today.  My work can provide an open and honest place to encourage constructive criticism of our consumer culture and promote liberation among all people.  I see liberty as a half full cup of bitter-sweet that you can throw in somebody's face and not say you're sorry. I relate to artists that have broken the boundaries and challenged themselves to be innovative.  I specifically most identify with William Kentridge, an artist that approaches subjects of injustice and societal eccentricities in a similar way to my own."

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on March 06, 2005

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