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Public Art in Iowa

The State of Iowa has a rich art culture that includes many wonderful works of public art. These artworks may be commissioned by the state, by private organizations, or even by generous individuals, and can be found at airports, in hospitals, schools and universities, and even alongside highways! The Daily Palette is happy to feature these works created for the enrichment of our communities and the delight of our visitors.

Freedom Rock, 12' tall; approx. 60 tons, 1999--

Every Memorial Day since 1999, Ray "Bubba" Sorenson II has painted a new mural on what has come to be called "Freedom Rock," along Highway 25 just outside Menlo. Bubba does this to honor the men and women of our military services, and is determined now to paint a Freedom Rock in each of Iowa's 99 counties—a project he estimates will be complete around 2023. Word continues to spread about this special project, and Freedom Rock has become a tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the country each year to see what new mural Bubba has created!

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