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Sleep Apnea

INT. June's dream — NIGHT

Two college students, JUNE and WES, sit across from each other on WES'S BED.

J:    Are you ever gonna put that book down?
W:   Dude, I'm trying to read ahead—
      [June knocks the book out of his hand.]
J:    Meaning that stuff isn't important until later.
W:   Not much later, it's all due in only a week and this is technically less than halfway—
J:    Nuh-uh. Stop. You're gonna go crazy. Give . . . uh . . .
W:   The Relationship Between Tinnitus and Sleep Disturbances—
J:    People can't hear their peaceful flutes or crickets or whatever before bed. There. Boom. Done. Give it a rest. Talk to me.
W:   About what?
J:    About anything you want.
W:   Let's talk about Tinnitus.
J:    No.
W:   It's the medical term-
J:    No&mdash
       [They pause. June puts up her right index finger.]
J:    Wait.
W:   What?
J:    Okay, you're gonna think I'm shitting you but . . . I have this really weird feeling in this ear, like it's almost this kind of roaring and—and clicking and ringing kind of sound, all at once—
W:   That literally sounds like Tinnitus.
J:    Seriously, though, humor me, I'm being totally serious.
      [They pause.]
W:   Okay, fine.
J:    Thank you.
W:   . . . So— is it like, you can't hear at all? Or does it just kinda feel like a roaring and ringing thing in your ear? Or, like . . . w-what does it feel like, like, describe it to me.
J:    I guess . . . it feels like having water in your ear, it's like this weird, where it kind of feels like, kinda like a pulsing, I guess? I don't really know how to describe it.
W:   Ah, okay, well . . . It still sounds like Tinnitus.

J:    Do I need to go to a doctor?
W:   I dunno, does it hurt—
J:    I just really don't want to go to a doctor, though, you know?
W:   Wait, why not?
      [They talk over each other.]
J:    It's just my thing where—
W:   June—
J:    That I don't like people poking&mdash
W:   You're literally talking to&mdash
J:    In my business, you know—
W:   Now it's just kind of offensive—
J:    Shit, I'm sorry—
W:   June, it's not even about the ear anymore, why won't you go to a—
J:    But you have to know I'm not gonna change—
W:   Please, now I'm, like, I have to force you—
J:    Can't you just look? You have to have like fancy—
W:   No—
      [He pauses.]
W:   No.
J:    Okay, but can you just—
W:   I'm not going to stick anything in your ear.
J:    But why not?
W:   Because that's not how examinations work, for one, and for . . . two . . .  I'm only a student—
J:    But—
W:   But nothing, just go to a doctor for Christ's sake—
J:    What if it's something serious?
W:   That's why I'm telling you—
J:    No.
      [She pauses.]
J:    No.
      [They both pause. Wes blinks in confusion.]
W:   Jund, wuht ib daht?
J:    Wuht?
W:   Ipts . . . ib hooks iek wahdur kuhbindg owt oh ieour ear.
J:    Dehr's wahd—
W:   Dehr's wahder—
J:    Wahder—
W:   Wahder kunbingh owt oh ieour ear—
J:    Dehr's wahdur eveuriewhur—
W:   Jund, ieou av do wayk uhp—
J:    Iy kan'd bried—
W:   Wayk uhp—


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As of publication, Jenna Sorensen is a third-year student at the University of Iowa. She is pursuing a double major in English and Graphic Design.

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