Diptych, oil on canvas, 29" x 34", 2004

Shannon Kennedy earned her BFA in Painting from the University of Oregon and then went on to earn MA and MFA degrees in Painting from the University of Iowa. She currently teaches at the University of Iowa as an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the Painting and Drawing department.

"My work is inspired by my everday life and by the profound experience of being in the world. I am in search of outer images which correspond with inner psychological, spiritual or metaphysical experience. I often compose using two figures in a dramatically simplified space. I am interested in the implied meaning of a third unnamed element that develops as a result of the spatial or contextual relationship of the figures. In my work there is a search for the point at which abstraction and representation can be made to meet. I emphasize formal relationships in an effort to infuse my domestic images with a heroic or monumental quality." - Shannon Kennedy -

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