Homage to Sati II

Homage to Sati II, stoneware, 17" x 18", 2004

Jill Davis Schrift has been teaching in the art department at Grinnell College since 1988. Schrift holds an M.A. in ceramics from Purdue University, where she studied with Scott Frankenberger and Marge Levy. She also has a Masters of Science in teaching from the State University of New York at Potsdam. During the academic year Schrift works primarily in ceramics. In summer, she lives in France and works on pastel drawing and collages.

About her pots, Jill Schrift states: "My ultimate goal is to create ceramic works that are soulful and expressive. I draw inspiration from the classical forms of the past and strive to express these forms in my own idiom that speaks to contemporary culture."

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