Untitled 8

Untitled 8, oil and metal leaf on panel,, 16" x 12"

Gary Horn is a Des Moines native who now lives in New York City. He teaches studio art to middle school and high school students at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art in addition to his teaching jobs at the Academy of Mt. Saint Ursula and the New York Sta te Summer School of the Arts.

Gary’s oil paintings of flowers and still lifes have a strong traditional feeling to them with some contemporary elements. In the floral paintings, the image is drawn on panel and metal leaf is applied around the design and varnished. The paintings change dramatically depending on the light due to the many layers of transparent glaze over the underpainting. With these, Gary is responding to philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer’s view on the contemplation of nature. Gary writes: “The work of art no longer represents the singular flower but the universal qualities of the flower that always exist.”

text and image from olsonlarsen.com

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