Monet's Dream: Part 3

Monet's Dream: Part 3, oil on paper, 22" x 30"

Dennis Dykema is rooted in the rolling countryside of northwest Iowa and his paintings catch the energy of the fertile land. However, a viewer won't locate a specific place from his images, and a European viewer may see a kinship to Van Gogh's later landscapes. Working primarily on medium-sized oils on paper and large oils on canvas, Dykema produces bright and boldly textured paintings that appeal to a wide range of collectors.

First attending Northwestern College in Orange City, IA for his BA, then Morningside College in Sioux City, and then the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls for his MA, Dykema settled into Buena Vista College in Storm Lake where, except for sabbatical studies in England, at Notre Dame and the University of Iowa, he has taught for three decades.

Dykema maintains six gallery affiliations, and in the past decade, participated in over 32 selected exhibitions. His medium-sized works whether oils or acrylics on canvas or paper pass quickly from gallery into private and institutional collections, as yet a majority of them in the Midwest.

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