e9 (transx)

e9 (transx), chemistry glass, nylon, glue, paint, plastelene, wire, 64"x2"x17", 2002

Jim Shrosbree earned an MFA from the University of Montana. He has received grants from the Iowa Arts Council, the Idaho Commission on Arts and Humanities/NEA and was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts (Midwest) Visual Artist's Fellowship. He is currently Associate Professor of Art at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. His solo exhibitions include: I Space, Chicago; Revolution, Detroit and New York City; Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville; Carolyn Ruff Gallery, Minneapolis; William Traver Gallery, Seattle, and Ron Judish Fine Art, Denver. Jim Shrosbree has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Des Moines Art Center in the Fall of 2004

An excerpt from Jim Shrosbree's artist's statement: If something is perfect in the mind, then to bring it forth through the hand and the eye can extend that perfection into the reality of the visual world. The inside and the outside, however, do not truly exist as a duality and are not separate, but unified. It is out of this oneness that perfection arises. Perfection lies hidden between the artist and work and the work and the viewer. To invoke this value means giving up surrendering control over what one may be too comfortable with to reveal a deeper reality. Obviously, it is not realized exclusively through working. One comes to the process with what one is with a certain capacity for experience. Being curious about the world through creative work involves, essentially, an investigation into the nature of the Self, into consciousness and the structure of what one is made of: energy, pattern, intelligence and the connection with origin. Curiosity is a gift which is fulfilled through the ability to listen. Listening to the quietest messages focuses the attention at the moment a "thing" is manifested.

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