Restored, oil on canvas, 18" x 18"

Now living in Brooklyn, New York and associated with the Guggenheim Museum, Katherine Lock has Iowa connections in both Iowa City where she graduated with honors in painting and the Des Moines Art Center where she served in a variety of roles from 1993 through June 2000.

The highly personal paintings of Katherine Lock offer combinations of shapes and colors which are immediately distinctive as statements without obvious artistic derivations. Two-dimensional shapes, isolated linear arabesques and brushed textures blend pleasantly with muted, harmonious colors in medium-size oils on canvas.

She says of her work: I develop a personal vocabulary of objects. The objects are recognizable, ordinary things that begin to describe a tangible idea and end as a painting a sort of reverse interpretation. The materiality of the painting becomes its own language that is relinquished of traditional contexts and functions to describe relationship, balance or counter-balance, and intrigue.

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