Feminine Touch web-rhinestone

Feminine Touch web-rhinestone, pendant

Thomine Wilson is a native Iowan who can't wait for tomorrow to come, but doesn't want to leave yesterday behind.  It is her love for the old and the new that have been the inspiration behind Designs By Thomine.

Timepieces from the past have been added to contemporary finds to create wearable art with distinct personality.
Each piece is unique, and is designed with sentimentality and expression.  Time is the central theme, reminding us of new possibilities and the potential for reinvention.  Custom pieces can also be made from family heirlooms or combined with other jewelry to create art reminiscent of the past, to represent life's work or hobbies, or as a simple reminder of the comic and eccentricity in all of us.

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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on June 13, 2005

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