Sacred Trust Badlands (207)

Sacred Trust Badlands (207), photogiclee, 23" x 28"

Those familiar with the nature photography of Steven Herrnstadt will find interior visions from his creative psyche in this current show. Long concerned with government affairs, Herrnstadt offers access to his creative Yin/Yang, the darker side of his awe-inspired depictions of our natural planet Earth. With technology finally capable of experiments he began decades ago, Herrnstadt uses archival inks and paper to produce lasting images originating from manipulated FS70 Polaroid film, peeled back for insertions of photos and etched in elements. His process results in a combination of collage, photography, and printmaking. Scanning at 3200 pixels per inch, he uses Photoshop for color and contrast checks. Then a computer serves instead of a dark room for large size images from an Epson 7500 or 9500 printer.

His message in these new works, obvious in several, puzzling in some, is left to the discomforted viewer. Warnings? Probably. Strong images? Definitely! While revealing another side of his emotional and technical artistry, Herrnstadt intends to continue nature photography as a major part of his total artistic out-put. Associate professor of art at Iowa State University, Herrnstadt lives and teaches in Ames, but travels widely to select his photographic subjects and to shape his world view.

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