Blind Backpack

Blind Backpack, mixed media, 36" x 14"

Professor Jane Gilmor says that certain works are intended "to create a ritualistic ambience not unlike that of some bizarre roadside shrine. I am interested in both the construction and deconstruction of myth and in the deeper relationships between myth, experience, and culture.” Jane Gilmor, more than most artists, satisfies our universal human desire to encounter something different, unusual, and fascinating. Jane received both her MA and MFA from the University of Iowa, studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and earned her BS at Iowa State University in Ames. She has served as Professor of Art at Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids for almost three decades.

The shrines and constructions of Jane Gilmor have appeared in over 74 exhibitions and more than 30 collections. The lists of her publications, lectures, special installations, awards, and honors fill pages. Wherever her unique works appear, they attract adults and children, and individuals without any experience interacting with artists, as well as discriminating art collectors. Her pieces sometimes include the words of people in diverse and extreme situations. Moving from large and complex installations in public spaces, the artist recently is creating pieces appropriate to private settings.

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