Seaward Hill IV

Seaward Hill IV, oil on linen, 45" x 54"

Dan Mason received his Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of Iowa. He currently teaches at North Hennepin Community College in Minnesota. His work is in the corporate collections of Norwest, Star Tribune, General Mills, Dayton Hudson, and Unisys, to name a few.

He creates images in which architecture and landscape interact. These are settings that suggest scared sites, temple precincts, city squares, and landscape vistas. Both the landscape and architectural elements are radically simplified, to express an underlying geometry and sense of order.

These paintings are also experiments with form, color, texture, and light. Mason considers these as colorists paintings, because of the role of color as a subject in itself. The forms are defined by laying down oil color in the form of glazes. Many thin, transparent layers of oil color are applied in order to arrive at the final color and surface. “I’m looking for harmony and dissonance,” says Dan of his work.

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