Garden of Live Flowers

Garden of Live Flowers, acrylic on canvas

A native of Des Moines, Mary Kline-Misol earned both her BFA and MFA from Drake University, where she studied under Jules Kirschenbaum. Kline-Misol now maintains her studio in Panora, where she has spent the last decade working on painting in series. Large-scale still-lifes of exotic objects, friends, relatives and people she's met travelling, flowers and elements of nature, and a series of real and fictional characters relating to Charles Dodgson's Alice Through the Looking Glass have all been themes explored in her work.

Highly accomplished as a figurative painter, Mary Kline-Misol has created several series of paintings throughout the past decade. She has painted large still life compositions using colorful puppets and unusual objects from around the world, then a series of friends and relatives and a few models encountered during her travels, then works focusing on flowers and elements in nature, and recently a series of fictional characters relating to Charle's Dodgdon's Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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