Apartment in Soho, NY

Apartment in Soho, NY, ink, mixed media on paper, 36" x 30", 1991

Janet Heinicke is a native Midwesterner and a seasoned artist. She holds advanced degrees in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and in painting from Northern Illinois University. She has a long history of work as a collegiate educator in Illinois and Iowa and most recently acted as the Fine Arts Exhibition Director for the Iowa State Fair.

Much of Heinicke's work focuses on close observation of the natural world. She finds value in calling to the viewer's attention frequently overlooked textures and surfaces of sticks, stones, and bony structures. Apartment in Soho, NY, despite being an urban scene, calls the same kind of attention to the skeletal structure of the fire escapes and window frames in the quintessential haunt of the urban artiste.

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on January 18, 2006

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