Unlimited Possibilities

Unlimited Possibilities, second floor of Parks Library, oil on linen, 18' 3" x 22'9", 1996

Doug Shelton received his art training at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art. He is a long time Des Moines artist and an accomplished painter who has documented his unique imagination on canvas for many years. Described loosely as surrealistic, his paintings are filled with whimsical and mysterious symbols, settings and characters. Each work can suggest many intriguing story lines or anecdotes to the viewer, but all stem from the artist's experience and stream or consciousness...All of his works are exquisitely painted and he often crafts and ornaments unusual frames that serve as extensions of the piece.

Unlimited Possibilities celebrates Iowa State's future as a premier land-grant university. Based on the Library Murals designed by Grant Wood, both in process and intent, this mural was commissioned by University Museums and ISU External Affairs. It was Iowa State's contribution to Iowa's Sequicentennial celebration, and it celebrates Iowa State's past and future vision as the best land-grant institution into the next century. The [mllural's title] refers to the life of the student as well as the life of the University. In contrast and complementary to the Grant Wood designed murals in the Parks Library, which depict mature adults in society, [Shelton] focused on student learning activity. The mural is divided into two sections - on the left is an agricultural setting, and on the right is a classroom setting. This can be viewed as town and country, city and rural, nature and civilization... (excerpted from Art on Campus information sheets from the ISU Museums, available at http://www.museums.iastate.edu )

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Unlimited Possibilties Mural at Iowa State University

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