Boat Buoy Island

Boat Buoy Island, Installation View, 2004

William Pergl received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Painting from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1993. After completing his BFA, Pergl lived in Seattle and Chicago where he worked as an art preparator, mill worker, and custom cabinetmaker. In 1997, Pergl entered Cornell University's Master of Fine Arts program in Sculpture and received his MFA in 1999. Pergl is currently an Assistant Professor at Grinnell College where he teaches sculpture and drawing.

"My investigations and efforts in the studio revolve around the connections between the physical world and the world of ideas. I do not communicate a narrative or statement to my audience but rather provoke the viewer to respond to the objects directly; this leaves the interpretation of meaning up to the individual, yet I am not interested in presenting an ambiguous object. My interest is in complex relationships within a specific object and the ability of the single object to evoke emotional and intellectual responses relating to the human condition. Emotional and intellectual responses begin with the viewer bringing their thoughts and past experiences into experiencing the artwork. I ask my audience to bring themselves to my work by presenting them with an image that has a reference to the physical world, reveals a high level of craft, and has a poetic presence that does not explain itself."

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on December 17, 2004

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