Reader, wood, paint, book, nails, 27.5" x 14" x 1.53", 2003

Daniel Weiss was born in 1959 in Mason City, Iowa. He was nurtured by large, industrious families on both his mother's and father's sides. He and his nine siblings were schooled by Catholic P.B.V.M. sisters in his hometown. He currently enjoys a balance between his work as an art instructor and educator and as a studio artist exploring the construction of forms that have that have roots in both the folk traditions of his Belgian and Volga German heritage and the fine art and abstract traditions of modern American Art.

About the artwork, Daniel Weiss writes that "the nature of these objects begins in an upbringing by parents who were children of European immigrants. It was their practical need to give new life to used paper, boards, and clothing. An aesthetics of redemption is about my tribe and the house I grew up in. Not having my parents' similar struggle to provide, my inheritance of this practice finds its reasoning in my seeking the beautiful...These current works belong to my neighborhood and its place in time as evidenced by the hardware store palettes of certain decades and the lumber cuts of other ones. It is good when a neighbor sees his old dining room boards in one of my pictures. I believe this to be the good story of a human art -- that it originates in and maintains a sense of environment -- that it is grounded by some sort of dialogue between people and place."

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