Geoff as a Ghost

Geoff as a Ghost, photograph, 8" x 10", 2004

Chad Cooney was born and raised outside of the city of Chicago. He is now currently working towards his B.A. in Photography at the University of Iowa. He is also an undergraduate Research Assistant for the Intermedia area at the university.

About his work, Chad writes, "This photo was taken early last year when I had no access to digital equipment. The camera had no light meter and therefore, I had nothing to meter the scene by. This photo came from a series of other long exposure shots I had taken with that camera. Being able to set the camera and operate elsewhere in the scene while the shutter was open allowed me to add different effects to the scene. I try to produce work that is interesting to the viewer through the use of color, light, and the overall aesthetic of how each object visually interacts with the objects around it in the frame. I want the viewer to respond to the image in the whole, instead of different fragments that create a unified image."

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