Untitled Marine: (Paperwork)

Untitled Marine: (Paperwork), handmade paper, 19" x 23.5", 2003

Ken Walker earned his BFA from the University of Oregon in Eugene in 1999. He was awarded a Book Arts Certificate and his MFA in Printmaking from the University of Iowa in 2004. Visit his website, which showcases the many men who are Ken Walker.

This paperwork is inspired by my experience in the water. Sitting there, eyes on the horizon, in the rain, looking for some clue from the ocean. Frequently alone, waiting for enough light to see or soon too dark to tell water from sky.

This paperwork is made from cotton fiber prepared and pigmented with pure pigments by the artist after being beaten. Layers or veils of colored paper pulp are couched one over the other on a colored base sheet during the sheet forming process. Only water is used during the process to “mark” the veils. Untouched by hand or tool. Water carries the palette of color and water is the brush. Each piece is then pressed and dried; I must wait two days to see the final result. It is well worth it!

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