Mother, Worker, Educator

Mother, Worker, Educator, ink and acrylic on paper, 2003

Belindah Mutuku graduated from The University of Iowa with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Design in May 2004. While in graduate school she worked extensively with non-profit organizations particularly health organizations including UNICEF in New York and ICARE in Iowa City, producing health promotional materials geared towards vulnerable populations. Her hope is to work for a non-profit that specializes in International Development, particularly in Africa.

The woman in traditional African society has always been of great interest to me. Her roles play a significant part in defining who she is in society. Mother, Worker and Educator illustrates the overlapping of these roles and how one cannot do without the other. In addition there exist cultural barriers that inhibit the African woman from reaching her potential, such as ownership of land, the right to culturally sensitive, accurate health information, and wife inheritance among others.

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