Clouds Know No Boundaries

Clouds Know No Boundaries, dye, iron oxide, photography, graphite, layered cloth, 19" x 41", 2001

Teresa Paschke is an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University in Ames where she teaches in the Fibers program. Her work has been featured in many national and international exhibitions. She recently returned from a residency at the Women's Studio Workshop in New York.

Teresa Paschke writes, "My work in textiles utilizes surface design techniques of dyeing, embroidery, printing, and other methods of manipulating cloth. Recent compositions combine 'found' and fabricated cloth, pieced together and reworked to suggest a kinship between rational and organic order making reference to both culture and nature ... In particular, references to agronomy--caring for land and community, and domesticity--caring for home and family are intermingled to suggest complementary aspirations and to document ideas about place that are both public and private. Repetition often takes the form of stitches and serves as a metaphor for the experience of time passing. Layering, whether marks, images, or cloth, suggests memories that are barely visible yet always present. The iconography I use is personal yet common, making reference to things both familiar and cryptic."

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on November 14, 2004

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