Pom Pink

Pom Pink, mixed media on paper, 42" x 37", 2003

Greta Songe earned her BFA in painting and drawing from Louisiana State University in 2000. She is currently in her final year of the graduate program in painting in the UI School of Art and Art History. She has worked as a painting and book arts instructor with Iowa City youth through the Art Share program.

Greta Songe's still-lifes consist mainly of fruits or vegetables arranged on densely patterned cloths. In her works, lumpen potatoes, stalks of brussels sprouts bristling with alien-looking heads, and ruby pomegranates sit as if for portraits. But her still-lifes push the boundaries of the genre. Like Cezanne's apples and lemons, Songe's fruits defy gravity but are always on the verge of succumbing to it. Her patterned surfaces lay parallel to the viewer. They never support vegetables from below but push them forward into the viewer's space. Her fruits levitate in front of their backdrops. Sometimes it is only their close relationship to the pattern on which they sit, snared within a plaid lattice or bouyed by a thousand dancing bubbles, that seems to keep them from dropping off the canvas onto the floor.

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on October 30, 2004

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